4 Practical Steps to Overcoming Fear

Fears are a normal part of living!

With the right mindset and skills, we can overcome our fears.
Here are four ways to overcome our loudest fears and move forward with a fresh perspective.

1. Slow down and pause everything.

Our first impulse when facing fear is to take action, but when we are emotional, we typically
don’t use our best judgment. When you face fear, first, slow down. Pause, and don’t take any
action. Give yourself time to calm down before you begin to weigh your options.

2. Educate yourself, and the unknown will fade.

Sometimes our fears stem from the unknown. Educating yourself on your current fear can help
you feel more prepared to handle uneasy situations. For instance, if you fear drowning, you can
learn how to swim. Knowing how to swim will make you less afraid of the water. The same
concept applies to many other fears. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts.

3. Name the fear, and it will shrink.

We tend to push our fears to the back of our minds. But, facing them by either writing them
down or saying them out loud takes away their power. Name them, and the "giant" fears will
shrink to their appropriate size.

4. Seek support; don’t go it alone.

Sometimes, even with our best efforts, we can struggle to overcome fear. When this happens,
seek support from a trusted family member or friend, your church, or a professional counselor.

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