Teen Pregnancy – What to Do Next

You are underage and pregnant; what should you do?

You think you are pregnant.  You’re scared. You feel you can’t tell anyone. You feel alone.
An unexpected pregnancy can trigger a variety of emotions, especially when you are a teenager. Take a deep
breath. Pregnancy Center East is a safe place to help you figure out your next steps.

Your Rights

First, we want you to know that you have rights even if you are under 18 years old. You do not need parental
consent to receive our services. Your appointment is strictly confidential, and we will not tell your parents,
boyfriend, or guardian.

You Have Options

We can provide you with confidential pregnancy information, pregnancy test, ultrasound, STI test, and many other resources. We provide evidence-based information about all your options, including abortion. All of our services are 100% free and confidential.

Here’s What to Do Next and How We Can Help

Pregnancy Test

You need to make sure you are really pregnant. Confirm your pregnancy with a free medical-grade pregnancy test.


After a positive pregnancy test, you should plan to get an ultrasound. An ultrasound reveals pregnancy facts that are important to know whether you are considering parenting, abortion, or adoption.

Pregnancy Counseling

Our caring staff will listen, support you, and provide information on options and resources in a comfortable,non-judgmental setting. We are waiting to help you. Our advocates understand the anxiety you are experiencing.

At Pregnancy Center East, you will never experience any pressure or judgment, and all our services are 100% free. The decision about your pregnancy is yours to make. Never let fear or pressure decide for you.  You are in charge of your next steps, and we can support you along the way. You are not alone. Schedule your appointment at the link above.

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